The IntoBiology website is here to inform and inspire you – the next generation of biologists.

We support UK biology students aged between 17 and 21, with science news, careers guidance, and study skills support.

We’re funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and based at the Sainsbury Lab, Cambridge, and Cambridge University Botanic Garden, both part of the University of Cambridge.


Why are we here?

Plant scientists are working at the very forefront of biology today:

  • creating sustainable food and fuel supplies for the global population,
  • protecting biodiversity for future generations
  • deepening knowledge of how living organisms have evolved and develop.

For today’s research to have impact, we need a new generation of plant scientists to continue this work and develop new ideas. IntoBiology is here to inspire and help the new generation.

Meet the Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme team.

We encourage those with interest in our work to suggest projects and join us in partnerships. We work closely with other organisations in the biology community, we consult with students and teachers to make sure our work is what they need, and we talk to scientists to ensure we know what is going on in plant science today.

We would like to acknowledge the many people who have helped us over the years.

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